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New Software Release Includes Unique Expert Witness Services

January 10, 2017
Courtroom Insight is pleased to announce a brand new service and significant new enhancements with the latest release of our knowledge management software.
First, we are proud to offer a new expert witness information service that automatically researches and uploads firm retentions and oppositions directly into private client expert databases.  In addition to capturing retention information, our researchers are building expert biographies and updating contact information for all client retained experts.  This powerful new service combined with our existing expert witness content reinforces our position as the leading expert witness database solution.
Second, we are pleased to announce several new software improvements designed specifically to aid users in their search for expert witnesses, arbitrators, mediators and judges.  Beginning this week, users will experience significantly enhanced search capabilities based upon:
  • Upgraded search engine and real-time indexing
  • Newly indexed content across all professions
  • Improved ability to find difficult-to-locate experts
For situations that require additional assistance, Courtroom Insight has partnered with leading expert witness search firms that assist our clients with custom searches at no additional charge.
Please Contact Us to learn more about our new expert information service or our enhanced search capabilities and knowledge management platform.
Happy New Year!
The Courtroom Insight Team
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