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Judge Gonzalo Curiel advises President-Elect Trump and Plaintiffs to settle case regarding Trump University

November 15, 2016

Just two days after President-Elect Trump was voted into the Presidency, the judge presiding over the Trump University fraud case, urged both parties to work towards a settlement deal.  The case against Trump was brought by former students of Trump University that claim they were promised an education that allowed them detailed knowledge of the mogul’s real estate and business “secrets” from instructors “hand-picked” by Trump.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s name may be familiar to those that followed the 2016 Presidential campaign; he was mentioned by Trump on several occasions. The judge was born in Indiana, is of Hispanic descent and was a target of Trump’s during the campaign.  Trump claimed that Curiel was unable to be unbiased in the case because of Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall bordering the US and Mexico.  However, by most accounts, Trump’s claim of bias has no basis in fact.

Most recently in the case, Curiel ruled that Trump’s attorneys could not include testimony touting the high satisfaction survey results associated with Trump University.  In addition, the judge refused to issue a sweeping exclusion that would prohibit the plaintiffs from presenting testimony including statements made by Trump during the presidential campaign.

The next court date in this case is set for November 28th and will be very interesting to watch how this case plays out, both in the courtroom and in the media.  Judge Curiel will be under a new, unprecedented level of scrutiny while ruling in decisions relating to a pending case against the President-Elect.

Read the more about this case and Judge Curiel in this Reuters article and in this story in the Los Angeles Times.

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