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Law firms and technology: are they doing enough?

October 19, 2015

Advances in technology are hard to ignore, even for attorneys. It is becoming inevitable for law firms to update their software and rely on electronic information systems to increase efficiency and stay up to date. However, attorneys have some strong feelings about adopting the latest technology. “[They] all know that utilization of advances in electronic information systems is key to efficiency, and ultimately the bottom line. But these surveys also point out a couple interesting – and actionable – truths, namely that we chronically under-invest in training, and often choose poorly from the bewildering array of product options.”

ILTA and InsideLegal published the 2015 Purchasing survey results which asked what firms were doing to make sure the entire firm was property trained to gain maximum utility from the technological products they purchased. The survey found that:

  1. Less than 50% of law firms actually provide training
  2. 24% stated that their law firms were doing nothing to address technological competency and
  3. 63% of small firms admitted to having zero training.

It’s clear firms aren’t providing adequate training and simply investing in a technologically advanced products isn’t enough. However, should this burden lay solely on the shoulders of the firms adopting this new technology or should the companies also share in the blame?

Source: Legaltech News

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