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How Custom Expert Witness Reports Benefit Attorneys

March 10, 2015

Attorneys have an obligation to perform competent due diligence when hiring or cross-examining an expert witness.  They often seek input from colleagues, review CVs, and assess reported credentials and case experience.  It is also critical for attorneys to research Daubert and other challenges to an expert’s testimony. Understanding an expert’s challenge history helps attorneys avoid surprises in the courtroom.

Courtroom Insight saves attorneys time and money by providing thorough, cost effective research in a short amount of time.  This research helps attorneys focus their efforts on the critical aspects of an expert’s background and testimonial history.

Our recent press release explains that through a partnership with Expert Witness Profiler, we now offer three different custom expert witness research reports.  These profiles are created by a team of professional expert witness researchers who have access to databases not readily available to most law firms.


Preliminary Screening Report

  • Provides a free snapshot of an expert’s testimonial history and an accurate assessment of how prolific a testifier that expert has been in the past.


Expert Challenge Study

  • Provides an analysis of an expert witness’ prior history of being challenged, excluded, critiqued and endorsed by the court as a result of his or her qualifications, methodology, etc.


Expert Witness Profile

  • This is the most comprehensive background report on an expert witness in the U.S. today. In addition to the expert challenge study, this report includes verification of licensing, certifications and educational background plus research into an expert’s professional background, disciplinary history, associations and memberships, publications, teaching and research, patents and trademarks, references in news, blogs and more.


For more information visit the Research tab on any expert witness profile on Courtroom Insight.

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