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Living Abled and Healthy by Dr. Christopher Brigham and Henry Bennett is Now Available

September 9, 2014

Living abled and healthy







I am pleased to announce the publication of Living Abled and Health: Your Guide to Injury and Illness Recovery.  As one of the leading national experts on health and disability, Dr. Brigham relies upon his extensive training and experience to prepare a useful guide to change our perspectives about disability and to help patients learn to overcome health related obstacles.  This book, unlike others, touches on all aspects of disability and the hurdles (medical, legal, and financial) that come along with it. This book is full of useful tips, resources and tools to get anyone from disabled to abled.

Importantly, Living Abled and Healthy is not only for patients.  The book is also a tremendous resource for the many individuals impacted by disability issues, including attorneys, claims professionals, health care providers and employers.  The Honorable David B. Torrey calls it a “Must read for everyone involved in worker’s compensation, including patients and lawyers.”


For more information, visit the official publication website.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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