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Julie L. Davis, the “Superstar Witness”

December 16, 2013

As we have all heard, Apple Inc. was awarded more than $290 million in their latest trial against Samsung that ended last month. We now know that a significant contributing factor was the testimony of damages expert Julie L. Davis. Ms. Davis is an expert who came on to this case to replace another expert who died (besides her, Apple used the same people from their trial back in 2012).  Jury woman Colleen Allen said “Ms. Davis was on it”, a “superstar witness” who was steady “even when she was cross-examined.” Other jurors said that she provided clear evidence that made it easier to calculate the damages sum.

The Apple trial is not the first time we have heard good things about Julie Davis.  In February 2013 a positive performance review was posted on Courtroom Insight. In a patent case related to high technology, Ms. Davis was described as a “great testifier [with] good command of the facts [and] nice jury appeal… overall a quality expert.”

Our subscribers can see the full review here:

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