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New Reviews of California-based Expert Witnesses

February 27, 2013

Two California-based expert witnesses were reviewed by anonymous attorneys this week!!  One of the experts is rated an overall score of 4.5/5 possible stars! Reviews reflect personal experiences working with expert witnesses, so we encourage reviewers to be honest in their ratings.

For the full reviews, go to Here’s a peek of the reviews submitted this week:

Review of Expert Witness Laura Fuchs Dolan

Review: 4.5/5 stars

San Diego, CA

Laura is a solid witness with a firm understanding of economic damage…Her pre-deposition preparation is both timely and comprehensive.

Review of Expert Witness Robert W. Johnson

Los Altos, CA

Lacked foundation for opinions. Assumptions inapt/not current.

The reviewer also goes on the say that Mr. Johnson had been successfully challenged.

Check out Courtroom Insight for more information on expert witnesses, mediators, arbitrators or judges. As you know, Courtroom Insight also encourages expert witnesses to acknowledge their peers who have performed well in litigation related matters.

Go to the home page to begin writing a review of one of your esteemed colleagues.  Each review of an expert witness, mediator, arbitrator or judge takes less than 3 minutes and can be submitted anonymously!

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