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Review of California Judge Roy O. Chernus

December 13, 2012


Hon. Roy O. Chernus
California State Court
Superior Courts
Marin County

Rated: 5.0/5.0



A Courtroom Insight user just posted a review of California Judge Roy O. Chernus.  Judge Chernus is a judge on the Superior Court of Marin County in California.  The anonymous attorney encountered Judge Chernus during a sexual harassment case and rated Judge Chernus 5.0 out of 5.0 stars when asked about qualities such as legal ability, integrity and objectivity, and judicial management. The reviewer commented:

Judge Chernus was attentive and kept detailed notes, which he referred to during challenges in Closing and his Statement of Decision…He did note the credibility of witnesses and weight of evidence in his Statement of Decision…

The reviewer went on to say:

The rulings were fair and the Statement of Decision sufficiently detailed to support an understanding of the rulings.

Check out the complete review of Judge Chernus by clicking the link below:

Review of Judge Roy O. Chernus

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  1. Laura Ponter permalink
    June 19, 2013 12:32 pm

    In the recent ruling by Judge Chernus against Marin Humane Society for for the Burnells to return the starved and abused horses to their owners was a travesty of justice at best. The Judge obviously had not seen the evidence of the starved horses or seen them up close and personal as I have.

    It takes a horse 5 to 6 months to get down to Henneke 2-3 with no feeding. The Burnells had ALL that time to get it corrected and feed their horses but ignored the health of the animals with ‘depraved indifference’. Confiscation was correct!

    to describe the Henneke Body Scoring system and that those horses were Henneke 2-3…ALL Starvation cases per UC DAVIS. There is NO evidence to ever support that the Burnells would have EVER improved the condition of these horses. Only a preponderance of evidence that that would NOT improve the conditions and health of the horses.

    Ruling in favor of the Burnells to once again place their horses at risk is unconscionable at best. And also to return the horses to the Burnells in good health after taxpayers have paid for all their expensive medical treatment at UC Davis and at foster homes. Why is it that any judge would side with the abusers??

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