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Featured Math and Science Expert Witness: Glenn D. Prestwich, PhD.

June 13, 2012

Name: Glenn D. Prestwich, PhD.

Company: Clear Solutions Biomedical LLC

Location: Eastsound, WA

Specialty: Math and Science, Expert Witness

Sub-specialties:Biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry and toxicology

Overall Rating: N/A

According to the profile description provided by Mr. Prestwich:

Dr. Prestwich has been in three depositions, two court appearances, and has written numerous reports over the last five years in eight cases involving IP litigation for medical devices and therapeutic drugs. As an entrepreneur and co-founder of eight companies, he is familiar with claim drafting & patent prosecution as well as infringement/invalidity analyses across a wide range of areas of chemistry.

Dr. Prestwich’s education, work experiences and publications:

Dr. Prestwich is included in the expert witness directory as a math and science expert, supported by his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Stanford University and various work experience in chemistry departments of leading universities. He currently holds the title of Presidential Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Utah. Dr. Prestwich has over 600 peer-reviewed papers and books or book chapters, as well as over 51 patent applications and issued patents.

Have you worked with Dr. Prestwich on a case recently?  Or do you know an attorney who is looking for an expert with Dr. Prestwich’s specialties for patent or FTC cases?  Visit his profile page by clicking below to write a review about your experience with Dr. Prestwich or to forward his information on to your colleagues. His profile includes his CV, professional background information, awards/accomplishments, examples of cases he has been involved in, and much more!

Profile of Expert Witness Glenn D. Prestwich

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