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Google v. Oracle or Alsup v. Boies?

May 17, 2012

As promised, we are tracking the Google v. Oracle trial with some excitement!

U.S. District Judge William Alsup was not only a litigator before sitting on the bench, but is also knowledgeable in technology and has been engaging with highly technical questioning of computer programers throughout the trial. To back up his understanding of technology, Alsup has an undergraduate degree in mathematics along with some experience coding. Although he admits he does not have experience in Java language, he announced to the court that rangeCheck (which is the nine lines of infringed Java code Google argues were mistakenly put in a version of Android) is “simple”.

“I could do it. You could do it,” the judge told Boies. “It was an accident.”

This comment came after Mr. Boies, and attorney for Oracle, argued in court that Oracle deserves a segment of Google’s earning Android because the infringed Java code allowed Google to push Android to the market sooner than would have otherwise been feasible.

“Timing was critical,” Boies argued. “They wanted it faster, faster, faster.” So Google copied Oracle-owned Java technology, he said.

After being torn down by Alsup, Boies responded with his own retort:

“I am not an expert on Java,” Boies said. “I couldn’t program that in six months.”

This back-and-forth continued, but towards the end of the day Boies suggested Alsup put off the damages phase of the trial until Alsup answers whether or not 37 API packages are copyrightable. He followed with some “if, then” propositions, but after all was said Alsup seemed to consider Boies’ suggestion.


For more details, refer to the source article here


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