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Breakdown of the Texas Planned Parenthood Funding Dispute

May 2, 2012

The debate involving whether Texas Womens Health Program participant, Planned Parenthood, should be banned by the state appears to be an uphill battle. Federal appeals judge of the Fifth Circuit Appeals, Judge Jerry Smith, lifted the order granted by an Austin federal judge just 24 hours earlier.

“We are disappointed in the stay granted last night,” said Sarah Wheat, interim CEO of Planned Parenthood of Austin Family Planning. “When presented with both sides, the District Court agreed the rule was likely unconstitutional, and that implementation would cause a serious problem with health care access for Texas women.”

The state argues against Planned Parenthood, citing it does not agree with the state’s policies:

“Planned Parenthood and its affiliates have every right to hold that belief and advocate for elective abortion, but they are not entitled to receive taxpayer subsidies from a government program that is designed to encourage preventative birth control and discourage abortion.”

Texas lawmakers do not want state funding to go to clinics affiliated with abortion providers, clashing with Planned Parenthood’s belief that their constitutional rights should not have an impact on their position as health providers in a state program. The federal government had funded 90% of the program but effective last month, have withdrawn funding. As a $40 million program, Planned Parenthood provides 13,000 women with health care, such as routine check-ups, and only roughly 3% involve abortion services.

With more judges stepping into the debate to hear both sides, we will have to watch and see what the final verdict is.


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