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Seven Expert Witnesses Could be Jailed over Lying in Court

March 12, 2012

An interesting news article just popped up on BBC News.  As many as 20,000 court cases in Great Britain could be re-tried due to alleged perjury by seven expert witnesses.  The experts who worked for Autofocus, a research company focused on rental car rates, allegedly faked rental rates to support claims by insurance companies that they had been over charged by car rental agencies.  One expert has already admitted to wrong-doing:

Helen Whysall from Nottingham was given a 28-day suspended sentence after a court heard she lied about calling several High Street hire car companies in order to find the going-rate for the hire of a top-end Mercedes car which would only have been available at a small number of companies.

The case was brought by Steve Evans of car rental company Accident Exchange after he repeatedly faced accusations by insurance companies that he was overcharging for reimbursements of cars rented to auto accident victims.  Mr. Evans petitioned for access to Autofocus data and found that:

After examining Autofocus company data, Mr Evans says he discovered about 20,000 cases affecting about 40 different credit-hire firms where he believes data has been faked. Some 5,000 of the cases concern Mr Evans’ company, Accident Exchange.

As a result of the release of the computer data, a further seven Autofocus employees are now facing similar contempt proceedings after a High Court judge agreed to allow a case against them to proceed.

As noted in the article, the implications of these perjury allegations could be far-reaching:

Martin Andrews of the Credit Hire Organisation said if the scale of the case proves to be as big as Mr Evans’ evidence would suggest, it would have major implications for the insurance industry.

He said Mr Evans’ company and others like it could have lost many millions of pounds in disputed claims and associated court costs as well as jobs.

To read the complete article, click: Expert witnesses accused of ‘industrial scale perjury’

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Article Source: Expert witnesses accused of ‘industrial scale perjury’ by Shari Vahl. 9 March 2012.

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