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ABA Technology for the Litigator Newsletter Article Discusses New Technologies that Improve Knowledge Sharing about Experts and Judges

January 9, 2012

Courtroom Insight is proud to announce that our CEO, Mark Torchiana, recently authored an article for the Litigation Section of the American Bar Association newsletter Technology for the Litigator.  As the article abstract notes:

Through the use of technology, law firms have become increasingly adept at leveraging firmwide knowledge to efficiently share information regarding attorney expertise and customer relationships. However, firms generally fail to successfully share information about the individuals who often matter most to litigators and others who commonly appear in court: expert witnesses and judges.

The article titled New Technologies Improve Knowledge Sharing about Experts and Judges discusses emerging software that captures relationship information, documents and performance ratings about expert witnesses, litigation consultants, mediators, arbitrators and judges.

The article details benefits of adopting such a comprehensive knowledge management system such as:

  • Maintenance of a historical record of attorney experiences with legal vendors and judges
  • Reduction in inbox clutter
  • Reduction in research costs related to legal vendors
  • Avoidance of surprises in the courtroom
  • New marketing opportunity creation

These benefits are of particular importance as:

In-house and online sources of information related to experts, arbitrators and judges are growing rapidly. Therefore, identifying, cataloging, and sharing this information must be an internal priority for law firms in the future… it will be the early adopting firms that benefit most from these innovations.

Read the complete ABA Litigation Section article New Technologies Improve Knowledge Sharing about Experts and Judges

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    • Kim Harris permalink
      January 26, 2012 8:46 am

      Thank you for re-blogging, Mr. Adams!

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