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Featured Mediator: San Francisco Mediator Susan W. Haldeman

December 2, 2011

Susan W Haldeman Name: Susan W. Haldeman 

Company: Gregorio Haldeman Piazza & Rotman

Location: San Francisco, CA

Specialties: Business, Employment, Probate, Professional Liability, Personal Injury, Real Estate

Overall Rating: N/A


According to the profile description provided by mediator Susan W. Haldeman:

Susan Haldeman is an experienced, full-time mediator who has specialized in multi-party, multi-issue mediated negotiations since 1986, focusing on employment, commercial, intellectual property, real estate, probate, professional liability, and personal injury matters. Susan is recognized for her skill in quickly assimilating complex factual and legal issues and in handling sensitive claims and personalities. She blends an analytical approach with an awareness of the personal dynamics at play.

Ms. Haldeman’s extensive professional profile not only includes descriptions of her education, licenses and publications but also provides several comments from past clients.  One such noteworthy comment from a client of Ms. Haldeman’s states:

“You clearly have a talent for bringing order out of chaos. You were dealing with pretty disparate characters ranging from macho brokers to uptight financial institutions to a peculiar corporation controlled from the Far East and buffeted by North American litigation. It is a tribute to your talents, forceful personality, intellect and acumen that you were able to get us all to the finish line together. The fact that you were able to achieve this and not once lose your cool may be attributable to your experience – I prefer to think it is a tribute to your character.”

This and many other outstanding client comments about mediator Susan W. Haldeman can be found by visiting her profile page by clicking below.

Mediator Profile for Susan W. Haldeman

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