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9 Judges Who Disgraced the Bench

November 28, 2011

An interesting article was recently emailed to the Courtroom Insight team by one of our readers.  “9 Judges who Disgraced the Bench” lists both federal and state judges who have been cited for misconduct.  The blog posting lists each judge’s alleged improper action and provides a link to a detailed article explaining the circumstances.  Some of the judges listed include Texas Judge William Adams who recently made national headlines and Judge Samuel Kent, the “first-known federal judge ever charged with a federal sex crime.”  A few excerpts from the article:

Judges are leaders who are expected to exercise good judgment when presiding over cases. For the most part, judges have no problem using good judgment in and outside of court, but by no means are they perfect.

Texas Judge William Adams disgraced the bench when a video was released of him viciously lashing his then-16-year-old daughter because she was illegally downloading from the Internet. Hillary Adams, now 23, posted the clip on YouTube to show her father’s true colors and prevent him from being re-elected as the Aransas County court-at-law judge.

To read the full article, click here If you have worked with any federal or state judges lately, post a review of your experience in the Courtroom Insight judge directory.

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