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Dunn on Damages Journal—A Unique, Valuable Resource

July 13, 2011

Dunn on Damages—The Economic Damages Report for Litigators and Experts is a quarterly journal from Robert L. Dunn, editor in chief.  Mr. Dunn is the author of the two-volume Recovery of Damages for Lost Profits, which is in its 6th edition and cited in numerous court decisions.  The Dunn on Damages journal was launched in late 2010 and the third issue was recently published.

Dunn’s journal is a unique resource, especially for accountants, economists, and lawyers involved with business litigation, and it satisfies a long-standing information need of professionals practicing in the arena of commercial disputes and related damages.   Compared to the few other periodic publications with writings of interest to litigation consultants and experts, Dunn on Damages offers several advantages.


  • The focus is on commercial litigation.  Other newsletters or journals either concentrate on non-business damages (e.g., individual losses) or dilute their focus across both commercial and individual damages.  Further, some newsletters combine articles on both litigation and non-litigation topics within a given practice specialty.


  • The Dunn on Damages articles are relatively more scholarly than the writings appearing in most other litigation-related, periodic publications for consulting and testifying experts.


  • Dunn on Damages is assured of a stream of future articles on timely, important topics related to business damages.  Mr. Dunn assembled an advisory panel of nationally-recognized experts for business litigation and related damages, and each advisor committed to contribute at least one article per year.  Of course, guest authors will also provide valuable material.


Dunn’s journal is published by Valuation Products headed by James Hitchner, who also is a member of the Dunn on Damages “Distinguished Panel of Experts.”  Subscriptions are available through, which contains a link to download a sample copy of an entire quarterly journal (the first issue dated Winter 2010).

The just-released third edition includes the following articles that should be of interest to professionals dedicated to maintaining and augmenting their expertise.

  • “Projecting Future Economic Damages through Business Valuation Methodology” by Robert L. Dunn.
  • “Book of Wisdom—Is It Fact or Fiction?” by Michael J. Wagner.
  • “Reasonable Royalties by the New Rules” by Douglas G. Kidder and Vincent E. O’Brien.
  • “Major Decision Expected from Delaware Supreme Court on Insider Trading Damages” by Robert C. Schubert.
  • “Time for States to Get on Board with New Expert Witness Rules” by Michael P. Alerding.
  • “Deepening Insolvency: A Primer” by Michael G. Ueltzen and John P. Barrett.
  • “Courtroom Insight: Helping Expert Witnesses and Neutrals to Market Services” by William Moran.
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