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Review of Article “Reasonable Royalties by the New Rules”

June 22, 2011

A recent addition to the resource directory, the article titled Reasonable Royalties by the New Rules by Douglas G. Kidder and Vincent E. O’Brien discusses:

several recent court decisions that significantly alter and influence the measurement of reasonable royalties for patent infringement cases. The authors discuss the court-imposed new rules for acceptable proof of loss, including how the changes affect use of the entire market value method, comparable licenses and the 25% rule of thumb.

A review of the article was also posted recently by an anonymous expert witness.  The expert rates the article as a 5.0 out of 5.0 in all available categories and goes on to comment that:

The writing is valuable to any expert performing IP damages analyses, but it is a MUST read for experts less experienced with such claims or considering accepting an assignment in this specialty area for the first time.

The “MUST read” for intellectual property damages expert witnesses is available through the Dunn on Damages quarterly journal.  Visit the page for Reasonable Royalties by the New Rules to read the complete article description and the review of Reasonable Royalties by the New Rules and to locate a link to purchase the article.

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