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Featured Mediator and Arbitrator: Judge Rebecca Westerfield

March 2, 2011

Name: Hon. Rebecca J. Westerfield

Company: JAMS

Location: San Francisco, CA

Services: Arbitration, Mediation, Discovery Master

Specialties: Business and commercial, employment and workplace, insurance claims and coverage

Overall Rating: 5.0

Judge Westerfield is a highly regarded mediator in San Francisco as indicated by the six reviews submitted about her mediation and arbitration services.  All of the reviewers rank Judge Westerfield as 5.0 out of 5.0 in every available category!  One attorney reviewer writes:

In each mediation she has been well prepared and demonstrated the ability and willingness to understand, discuss and effectively incorporate the opposing arguments and positions into the negotiations. She was also willing to spend as much time as necessary (including well into the evening hours) to achieve a resolution.

while another attorney comments

Her familiarity with corporate as well as employment and litigation issues paved a way to settlement.

To read all of the outstanding reviews about Judge Rebecca Westerfield’s mediator and arbitrator experiences, select the link below:

Mediator and Arbitrator Profile for Judge Rebecca Westerfield

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